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Men's Large Buckle Harness - One Size - Black

Men's Large Buckle Harness - One Size - Black


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Sometimes less is more! Look no further if you are in the market for a straightforward heavy-duty harness. With 4 big buckles to adjust, you will always find the right size for a perfect fit! The harness, made from bonded leather and stainless steel, has two sturdy O-rings on the front and back; attach various BDSM accessories to these O-rings to take bondage play to that next level. Place your male partner into this studded chest harness and enjoy the new ways you can enjoy bondage play. Wear it on your bare skin or over your clothes for a look that is unrivalled and promises effortless attention. The shoulder strap(s) can be adjusted from 35 cm to 49 cm and the straps for the chest can be adjusted from 101 cm to 115 cm.

  • 4 big buckles to adjust
  • The two O-rings allow you to attach all sorts of accessories
  • Wearable under your outfit or over your outfit for a unrivalled look
  • Your partner will have a whole different look of you while you're wearing this harnass
  • Adjustable around the chest from 101 cm to 115 cm and 35 cm to 49 cm over the shoulders
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