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Silver Ball Chain Flogger - Black

Silver Ball Chain Flogger - Black


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This stunning SILVER BALL CHAIN FLOGGER will have your sub squirming with pain and pleasure in no time at all! Intensify the sensation and give extra depth to your BDSM play. This beautiful flogger comes with 18 tails made from silver-coloured aluminium ball chains. The flogger is also ideally suited for sensory play! Put it in the freezer or dip it in a bucket of ice cold water to heighten the senses. Equipped with an exquisite non-slip handle and wrist loop for optimum control this flogger is a great addition to any BDSM collection! The flogger has a total length of 76.2cm (30”) including the 24cm (9.5”) handle. The total weight is 370 grams (13.1oz)

  • This flogger is made of 18 silver coloured aluminium ball chain tails
  • Easy to use with an non-slip handle and wrist loop
  • For some extra sensation and variation you can put the flogger into the freezer or a bucket full of iced water!
  • The flogger has a total lenght of 30" including the 9,5" handle
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